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Stable Housing Leads to Long-term Stability

Elizabeth struggled to earn enough money while attending college. She left school, began full-time employment, and got married. She became pregnant about the time her husband was laid off from his job. The financial stress strained their relationship and they eventually separated. Elizabeth and her son ended up living in a friend’s basement.

That was when Elizabeth heard about Project Success, an IOCP program that helps parents achieve long-term stability by setting employment, education and family goals. She has been in the program for a year and is excited about her future.

“It’s because of the housing help I’ve had from IOCP that I’ve been able to focus on my life goals,” she said, smiling. “IOCP also helped me with food and other basic items. And while in Project Success, I’ve been able to pursue school, maintain my job, and work on other life goals that will give me long-term stability.”- Elizabeth